Financial Therapy

Money on the Road Less Travelled ... the Conductor / Composer

December 22, 2020 Jane Monica-Jones / George Ellis Season 1 Episode 6
Financial Therapy
Money on the Road Less Travelled ... the Conductor / Composer
Show Notes

Welcome back to Financial Therapy. 

Take a moment right now to just imagine following your dreams. Or imagine doing a profession that you love so much, that you would do it for free. What about leaving everything you know behind to follow an uncommon path. 

In this episode of Financial Therapy we are going to explore what inspires people to choose say their passion, over a regular pay check. We’re heading out to discover what money is like on the road less travelled, where individuals make less standard choices about how the make money, and what are the driving forces that inspire them to do so.

I’m calling it ‘Money on the Road Less Travelled'. My first guest’s passion has meant he has performed in front of 3.8 billion people world wide. It was conducting the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the  Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony. Imagine over half of the world’s population watching you do your day job! 

George Ellis is a conductor and composer, whose work has taken him around the world working with the likes of the late Lou Reed and transforming the songs of David Bowie into orchestral masterpieces ... and he happens to be my good mate.

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HOST - Jane Monica-Jones, Financial Therapist & Author of The Billionaire Buddha

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GUEST - George Ellis, Conduct & Composer


George Ellis conducted the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the Opening Ceremony of the Sydney Olympic Games in front of 110,000 people and for an international television audience of 3.8 billion people. He has conducted concerts in Paris, London, Vienna, Venice, Rome, Florence, Amsterdam, Brussels, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Athens and Kuala Lumpur. He has conducted the Queensland Symphony, Tasmanian Symphony, West Australian Symphony, Canberra Symphony Orchestras and Orchestra Victoria, Melbourne. He has also worked with international popular artists including Lou Reed.


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